Strength Through Unity, Unity Through Faith, Trump is Watching: Trump Allies Worried Over Press Briefings

White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer

It looks like Trump is taking a page out of V for Vendetta’s book with his press briefings. As of late, the briefings have gone dark, and it has his allies worried.

The Stone-Age Briefings

The briefings that were held daily during the Obama administration and the early days of Trump’s presidency have become increasingly scarce. In the last ten days, the White House has held only 2, and they’re only getting more infrequent. Officials say that the lack of briefings could help the Trump administration assert more control over their message. That supposed message doesn’t seem friendly towards the common people of America that’s for sure. Spicer says that the new stone-age briefings that are few and far in between will deprive reporters of the explosive exchanges they love.

The separation from tradition has infuriated the media, and it’s split Trump’s allies. So he’s losing even more and more allies, and it’s gold. His allies say this will not only fuel the fire for Americans who don’t believe in his propaganda but also misses out on a chance to directly reach the public without the “fake news” changing his every word. Newsmax CEO Chris Ruddy says, “The White House should stick to live, televised press briefings.” and “There is so much media spin, and this affords them a tremendous opportunity to speak directly to the American people unedited, as so many people today are tuning into those press conferences to hear directly from the White House.”

The White House has cut back drastically on these press conferences since Trump’s return overseas in May. Hmm, maybe something happened to him, and he’s probably scared or brainwashed. Who knows. Spicer has changed his tune as well from being combative to only giving clipped responses and quickly moves on to new questions which irk reporters who just want information and answers from the White House. Sam Nunberg, a former Trump campaign aide, says, “In a perfect world, the Trump White House would provide a daily press briefing — a daily on-camera, on-the-record press briefing.”

With everything going on and the lack of information, the media has the impression that the White House press team are on some extremely shaky ground. It only furthers the public’s negative opinion of Trump, not like it’s a bad thing. Even Fox News has become frustrated with the changes, and that’s saying something.