Superpowers Are Moving Troops To the Korean Peninsula and 1 Country Put Troops On the Border


Newspapers in South Korea are reporting that a lot of Chinese soldiers have been deployed to the border of North Korea. After the United States announced it was moving naval units to the Singapore area it has been reported that the Chinese army deployed 150,000 troops to “prepare for unforeseen circumstances and issued full scale and pre-emptive orders” for all submarine units. The Chosun newspaper out of South Korea reports:

(translated from google translator)
The core units that respond immediately to the drastic changes in North Korea are the 39th group and the 40th group, each of which has its headquarters in Yingkou and Jinzhou in Liaoning Province. The 39th group is a heavy army mechanized unit and the 40th group is the rapid reaction group.

China has launched the Dongfeng-31A missile at Rocket County’s 51st station in Liaoning Shenyang, twenty-eight miles of Dongfeng 03 ballistic missiles, and 24 aircraft carriers, Dongfeng-21 missiles, It is said that the US military has been poised to fire at any time and aim at the same time.

On Monday Russia also announced that it is looking at possible strike capabilities on North Korea if their aggression continues. Over the past week, the leader of North Korea has been unusually quiet and three superpowers seem to be escalating military troops in the area.

This is taking the shape of a possible huge mess that could kick off WWIII. President Trump isn’t going to be able to Tweet or ‘alternative fact’ his way out of this one.