LEAKED: Government Employees Forced Into Watching Fox News

FOX News on a TV screen

A leaked email from last week shows that the TVs at the FDA’s Office of Facilities in Silver Spring, MD, will be permanently turned to Fox News. Employees were notified of the change comes via an email from a customer service representative.

The email was obtained by reporter Paul Thacker who shared it on Twitter. According to a source, the email was designed to “let everyone know” at the FDA’s Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research why the office’s monitors will be changed from CNN to Fox News. The CBER is an FDA arm that supervises medical products.

The email reads that the TVs will be turned to Fox after a decision from current administration’s top officials. “Sorry for the inconvenience,” the author of the email wrote, adding that there is nothing the agency can do about it “at this time.”

A spokesperson for the FDA did not deny the authenticity of the email but denied that a directive forced government employees to watch only a particular news channel on the monitors in common areas.

Trump Unhappy with ‘Fake News’ CNN

However, it is not a coincidence that the office turned the TVs to Fox News, which is the president’s favorite news channel. CNN, on the other hand, has been dodging Trump over his campaign’s alleged connections with Russia on the campaign trail for nearly a year.

Trump accused CNN of spreading “very fake news” before refusing to answer some questions from a CNN correspondent just before the inauguration. In February, the president’s son-in-law and personal adviser Jared Kushner told a CNN executive that the administration was disgruntled with the network critical coverage of Trump.

Last week, the president’s reelection committee accused the news network of censorship for refusing to run a campaign ad which claims CNN, among other news networks, is an active spreader of “FAKE NEWS”.
Image Source: Flickr