Susan Rice Is Gloriously Testifying in Russian Investigation


Susan Rice, the former national security adviser under President Obama, has agreed to testify in a closed session before the House Intelligence Committee. She is testifying as part of the ongoing Russian investigation.

Trump Plays The Blame Game

Trump and Republicans have been playing the blame game for the Russian interference and accused President Obama and his administration of “improperly unmasking” names of Trump transition associates which came up in classified intelligence reports. These accusations include Rice, who says there was “not anything political” about her actions and she “leaked nothing to nobody and never have and never would.” National security experts say it was her job to look into the extent of Russia’s interference and knowing the identities of U.S. citizens included in the intelligence reports would have allowed the Obama administration to see if they engaged in improper behavior.

Rice had to run her requests past the NSA, so she would not have known who these individuals were until the names were revealed. In March, the House committee chair Rep. Devin Nunes went to the Whitew House to review these reports. He then held a series of press conferences where he said he was “troubled” by what he saw. Democratic and Republican lawmakers say those who viewed the reports saw nothing improper. Nunes temporarily stepped aside from the investigation after he became the subject of House Ethics Committee probes into whether or not he revealed classified information. He then decided to say “I can do whatever I want, I’m the chairman of the committee.” Uh oh, not the right thing to say in your position.

Let’s hope all goes well for Rice and we’re finally able to put Trump behind bars.