Taxpayer Money Wasted Paying Security ‘In Case Of Protests’


Fearing large-scale protests over the construction of President Trump’s prototypes of the border wall, San Diego County Sherriff’s Department Deputies logged more than 10,000 hours of overtime. Now, at the end of construction, people are asking why so much money was wasted on things that were never going to come to pass.

The department disclosed that deputies earned $764,278 on overtime for security. That is in addition to regular hourly wages which raise the total to nearly $1.6 million in taxpayer funds for officers to protect… Nothing.

All told, around 356 employees racked up overtime hours on a full 46 separate dates from September 7 through December 15. Collectively that equals 10,227 hours of overtime work.

A more exact breakdown of the numbers is not readily available. Spokeswoman Alex Bell said that the overtime varies by employee. Bell wrote in an email that accompanied the information:

“Public safety staffing is dynamic, and the Sheriff’s Department scaled up and down staffing as necessary based on intelligence information over the three-month period.”

Fear Of Protests

The deputies did not provide security to workers or the structures during construction.  Instead, they were security kept in place for anticipated protests, marches, or demonstrations that they swear the Department of Homeland Security warned them would occur.

Not a single protest happened during the construction of the eight prototype walls. Local activists stayed away so that they would not draw any publicity for the project.

The powers that be don’t want anyone to know, of course, that they got it so wrong and wasted $1.6 million. The spokeswoman for the department tried to say that the “majority” of the overtime hours racked up from a period of September 25th through October 1st, which was the first week of construction.

Another chunk came from a small rally reportedly held near the site on December 9th, long after workers had finished construction of the wall itself and crews had departed.

On the flip-side, #resist is working, and we have them scared!