Tech Companies Facilitate Election Day

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump

Tech companies across the US try to remain somewhat neutral during elections. Even more so during this especially divisive election as they want to stay on the good side of either administration. Nonetheless, a number of tech companies want offer their help to voters. Either to become more informed about the candidates, the current state of the race, or how to get to the polls and what is at stake during this Election Day.

Getting to the Polls

Even in the United States, making your voice heard through voting isn’t as easy as it should be. For this reason, a number of tech giants like Google, Facebook, Twitter, Uber, and more are offering their services to facilitate the entire process. From learning about politicians and their agendas to offering incentives for voting.

Tech firms have tried to avoid taking a partisan position as to not alienate part of their customer base. However, they can still get involved while helping voters with various services and promotions and still maintain great public relations.

For example, companies in the transportation industry like Uber have prompted their drivers and passengers to get out and vote. Additionally, the company is also offering a price reduction on rides to the polls in select regions. Zipcar will offer free car rentals for all of its members that use it to go the polls. Their promotion will be available during the entire Election Day.

The State of the Race

Although most polls show Hillary as the favorite to win, Trump’s has more enthusiastic voters. These conditions allow for every vote to count. Even if you don’t live in a swing state that will most likely decide the election, it is still important to vote for candidates down the ballot.

Not many people are aware of the secondary importance of the election and the other choices involving each state. Therefore tech companies like Facebook and Google have spent their resources developing services meant to help voters learn more about various politicians through comprehensive tools.

For example, Facebook is offering a feature to help their users develop voting plans specifically for their states. Twitter can direct message a @Gov address to find the closest polling place to their location. Google has also been a major acting force behind the election. Its search engine will help inform voters about the candidates, the state of the race, and everything else they want to know.

This Monday, Google announced that it will deliver the election results in more than 30 languages. Their announcement will include referendums, congressional and gubernatorial races. For those more involved in the election, Google will also provide real-time results. Gmail will direct people to the nearest polling station via a link on top of the inbox. YouTube, the popular video platform, will live-stream the election all day from channels such as NBC, MTV, and Telemundo.

Even music streaming services like Spotify can’t help but get involved. They requested the help of president Barack Obama to remind listeners to get out and vote. He made his plea through an in-app message available only during the Election Day.

Image source: Flickr