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We do not guarantee any confidentiality with respect to User Content even if it is not published on the Website. We do not monitor or edit visitor activity and user-generated content. Consequently, you are solely responsible for monitoring the content you submit to the website.

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  4. Encourages unlawful conduct, criminal offenses, civil liability or otherwise law violations of any kind
  5. Represents an advertisement for goods, services or fund solicitations
  6. Contains personal information such as addresses, social security numbers, employer references, account numbers
  7. Represents a chain letter of any kind
  8. Contains instructions, which, could lead to injuries of any kind.

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Lack of waiver: Pale Blue News’s failure to enforce provisions of the Terms or to respond to possible breaches by you or third parties will not constitute a waiver of its rights to subsequently enforce terms and conditions of the terms or to act with respect to such breaches.

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