Texas Mall Robbery Leaves Good Samaritan Dead, 3 Others Shot

Rolling Oaks Mall interior

A shootout in a mall in San Antonio, Texas, resulted in four deaths on Sunday afternoon. Reportedly, two suspects carrying weapons entered the Rolling Oaks Mall and tried to rob a jewelry store. Two armed bystanders intervened in the robbery, but one was fatally injured. Three more people landed in a hospital with gunshots.

Police said the second person who intervened managed to shot and critically injure one of the two suspects. Meanwhile, the second suspect shot two bystanders while he was trying to escape from the mall.

Both Suspects Apprehended

Police officers caught the suspect moments later. The suspect whose name the police did not disclose is a 35-year-old Hispanic man. Police said he ran to a stolen vehicle outside before he his caputre. Law enforcement officer found two weapons in the vehicle.

Both suspects now face one count of capital murder and two counts of aggravated assault. The three persons injured in the gunfight are now at the San Antonio Medical Center.

Converse police said they were dispatched to the intersection of Loop 1604 with Coppergate around 3:45 p.m. local time on Sunday. A person called 911 to report a car crash there. Officers found no one in the wrecked vehicle but they found it had been stolen. While they were looking for the driver they saw the robbery suspects running in their direction. They apprehended him without incident.

The second suspect was in critical condition Sunday. Authorities believe he killed the good Samaritan but both men opened fire at the mall. The San Antonio Police described the botched robbery attempt as “a robbery gone really, really bad.”

Police chief William McManus said the two men who intervened stopped the two suspects as they were trying to escape. A police spokesperson said they don’t know who opened the fire first but they do know there was a shootout.

The police said the man who gunned down one of the suspects had a concealed carry license. McManus couldn’t tell whether the two citizens knew each other before the incident. He called both “good Samaritans.” Police declined to identify the two men.

Final Police Report: Four Shot Including One Suspect

According to initial police reports, six other persons except the two citizens and the two suspects had injuries. The San Antonio Fire Department unveiled that crews took just 4 bystanders to a local hospital. Another one was a pregnant woman who received medical assistance on the scene. A sixth bystander said he had chest pains after the incident so an emergency crew took him to the hospital. However, all who had gun injuries are currently at the San Antonio Military Medical Center, including the injured suspect.

Of the four persons who arrived with gunshots, one was already dead while another one was severely injured, doctors said. Two other patients had non-life threatening injuries.

Authorities locked down the mall until 6:40 p.m. when police officers began to release people from the building. Later in the day, some store managers could check their stores. The activity went back to normal on Monday even though some stores opened later.
Image Source: Wikimedia