The Hypocrisy At The Heart Of Trump’s Amazon Attacks Is Found At His Own Online Store


President Trump is obsessed with online retailer Amazon.

Over the past couple of weeks, Trump has repeatedly attacked Amazon and its CEO, Jeff Bezos, via Twitter with postings like this:

Interesting that Trump would go after Amazon on the issue of taxes when you consider that we still have zero in the way of evidence — i.e tax returns — to prove that the president himself pays a penny of income taxes.

But the hypocrisy goes much deeper.

Trump himself has an online store where you can buy any number of Trump-branded items — wine glasses, baseball caps, golf accessories — but he only pays local taxes in two states, Florida and Louisiana.

Amazon, on the other hand, currently collects taxes in 45 of the 50 states.

Oh, and the Trump online store says it’s headquartered at Trump Tower in New York City, but has yet to pay any sales taxes in the state of New York. Amazon, however, pays state taxes in New York.

A spokesperson for the New York State Department of Taxation and Finance told a reporter:

“States require a business with a physical presence in a state to collect sales taxes on online purchases delivered to those states.”

And yet, Trump isn’t paying taxes in the state where he lived before he managed to worm and cheat his way into the Oval Office.

A recent report from the Wall Street Journal pointed out the tax discrepancies between Amazon and the Trump online store. They asked the White House for comment. None has been provided.

So perhaps if Trump wants the Justice Department to investigate Amazon, he should first start by either paying his own taxes (we won’t hold our breath waiting) or have the DOJ take a long hard look at his own shady business practices.

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