Irony: Trump to Share Cybersecurity

President Vladimir Putin of Russia

Trump has been accused of being in bed with the Russians, with 17 intelligence agencies concluding that there was a Russian hacking of the U.S. election to help Trump win.

Trump’s State Department Wants Cooperation with Russia

Ironically, Trump’s State Secretary Rex Tillerson now plans to start a partnership with Russia on cybersecurity and espionage matters. It is worth noting that Tillerson collaborated closely with the Russians and Russia’s leader Vladimir Putin during his time as Exxon’s Chief Executive.

Newsweek which is the first to report on the project noted that Tillerson’s decision is “particularly odd” when you think about the investigation targeting Trump’s associates’ ties to the Russian government as well as the joint report of 17 U.S. intelligence agencies. Furthermore, the president stubbornly denies any Russian meddling with the U.S. election last year, while he often praises Putin or his government.

Sharing Intelligence with the Russians is a NO-NO

Experts noted that cooperation between the U.S. and Russia on cybersecurity and espionage is problematic since it put the country’s national security in peril. Under intelligence sharing programs, the Russians will have access to top secret information which they could later use to undermine the U.S.

The Kremlin would likely want to know the United States’ vulnerable areas in infrastructure, trade, the military, and power grids.

Furthermore, groundbreaking technological advances would be made readily available to the Russians. Russia’s cybersecurity experts will have access to cyber tools that American agencies use to counter digital intrusions. That knowledge could be used in future attacks.

Engaging with a historically hostile nation makes no sense at all, especially a nation that is suspected of having altered the U.S. election’s results and which deserves more sanctions, not special treatment.
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