The Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God Entitle Them: Trumpeters Twitter Outrage Over NPR’s Declaration Reading


National Public Radio (NPR) has had a 29-year tradition of reading the Declaration of Independence on their broadcast on Independence Day. What better way to celebrate our nation’s independence than reading the document that started it all. Well, apparently Trump supporters skipped history class the day we were taught about the Declaration.

It Is the Right of the People

It’s the right of the people to be stark raving idiots apparently when you don’t know your own country’s law-abiding centuries-old documents. NPR also tweets parts of the Declaration during the day, and the responses were astoundingly horrible. Twitter users called it an attack on Trump, calling for revolution and saying NPR was “propaganda.”



Several users deleted their tweets and their accounts altogether after their embarrassment. One user lived up to his mistake, asking if others would know they were reading the Declaration:


Yes…most of us who paid attention in history class know what the Declaration of Independence is, and what it looks like. After all, many of us had to memorize a portion of it or the whole thing and recite it back to our teachers in school.