The Real Reason Ryan Blindly Supports Trump

President Trump, House Speaker Paul Ryan, and VP Mike Pence

More and more people are calling for Trump’s impeachment these days, as issues with his administration are far more severe than just wasting millions of tax dollars on Mar-a-Lago trips and pushing for controversial legislation.

Ryan Stands by Trump

There is mounting evidence that Trump tried to stop a federal investigation into his associates and even leaked sensitive information to a hostile nation, all under the eye of the American public. However, despite the controversies, House Speaker Paul Ryan remains faithful to Trump, and his attitude is not linked only to partisan politics. Ryan has a personal stake in the entire affair.

The Democratic Coalition Against Trump found that in 2012, Trump made a $100,000 donation to a super PAC that is closely linked to Ryan.

Donald Trump’s 2012 donation to the Congressional Leadership Fund. Courtesy: The Democratic Coalition Against Trump

The Congressional Leadership Fund’s sole purpose is to help hard right politicians win seats in Congress and to purge the party of RINOs, who don’t do the GOP any service. For example, earlier this year, the super PAC no longer backed Congressman Paul Young because the Republican refused to fight for the Obamacare repeal.

The GOP and Its Wealthy Donors

However, the fact that Ryan is so staunchly defending Trump because of a political donation should not come as a shock. Other wealthy GOPers made generous donations to their fellow party members. For instance, Education Secy Betsy DeVos has donated a significant amount of cash to two dozen Republican senators who, not surprisingly, backed her nomination.

In the Citizens United v. Federal Elections Commission landmark decision, one Justice ruled that restrictions on independent expenditures can lead to a “chilling effect well beyond the Government’s interest in preventing quid pro quo corruption.” But by looking at the rampant corruption within the federal and state governments, one can safely say that that justice was wrong. Independent expenditures should be limited to safeguard America’s interests.
Image Source: Wikimedia