The Ugly Truth About Trump’s Outings


For the ninth time in seven weeks, President Trump has returned to the golf course at one of his resorts. On Saturday the President returned to his golf clubs in Virginia which is 25 miles outside of Washington. Instead of having a cabinet meeting in the White House he decided to waste taxpayer dollars and have his meeting at his golf course. Of course, that leaves us the tax payer to foot the bill for the President and his minions to have a meeting at a resort instead of their place of business.

According to a pool report, the meeting was to discuss healthcare reform, the economy, and national security issues. A White House aid made a feeble attempt to show the “important” work the President is doing by posting a picture of the meeting.

NBC News editor tallied on twitter just how often the President has left Washington.

Constantly during the campaign, President Trump slammed former President Obama for his constant golf outings; which you can watch below. If you can only stomach so much scrub to the 2:09 marker.

This is just another example of the “alternative facts” that has come out of the Trump administration. This is no different from when Trump throws false statements about being spied on by Obama, or Conway saying Obama spied on Trump via a microwave. Elected Democrats need to stop attending Washington parties and get to work getting this guy out of office.

Source: The Hill