The Wall, Obamacare Repeal, and Other Trump Promises

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Under “Make America Great Again” slogan, president-elect Donald Trump made a series of ambitious promises Americans now expect him to fulfill. Two of these promises are the U.S.-Mexico border wall and Obamacare dismantling. Others include charging Hillary Clinton and barring Muslims from flooding the U.S.

The Wall

One of Trump’s most ambitious proposals is fixing illegal immigration. At the beginning of the presidential race, he blamed Mexico for the influx of rapists and criminals among Hispanics.

So, he promised to build a physical wall on the U.S.-Mexico border to fix the issue. He pledged that he would build the “beautiful” construction on Mexican money. Nevertheless, he did not discuss the issue with the Mexican president when the two met in August.

Mexicans repeatedly refused to give U.S. the money for the wall, but seventy-nine percent of Trump supporters expect him to deliver that promise.

Undoing Obamacare

Repealing Obamacare has been one of Republicans’ biggest dreams ever since 2010. But they couldn’t fulfill it because of a democratic administration. GOP now finally has a president that may finish the job.

Trump has repeatedly criticized President Obama’s signature health-care law for being a “disaster.” He also pledged to reveal “the finest health care plan there is” in return. Many in the middle class want it repealed as premiums are expected to skyrocket in the coming years.

Prosecuting Hillary Clinton

Since the Republican National Convention this summer, Trump supporters have chanted “Lock her up!” in nearly every rally. In the second presidential debate, Trump threatened Clinton to put her in jail if he were to win the presidency. He also promised to instruct a “special prosecutor” just for the job.

FBI Director James Comey also dodged Clinton over the use of a private email server during her time as a secretary of state. And many Trump supporters claim the Democratic presidential is “crooked.”

No More Muslims in the U.S.

After the San Bernardino massacre in California, Trump pledged to close the country’s doors to any Muslim seeking to enter the country. He said that the Muslim ban would last until officials “can figure out what is going on.”

On one occasion, he said he would ban any nation “plagued by terrorism” from entering the country. But in October, now-Vice President-elect Mike Pence said the candidate no longer supported the ban. At the time, Pence deemed the measure “offensive and unconstitutional.”

However, exit polls show that many Republican voters in the primaries were for a ban against all Muslims from reaching the U.S.

Scrapping NAFTA and TPP

Another pledge is to renegotiate the so-called horrible trade deals for the American worker: NAFTA and TPP. This promise probably convinced states such as Pennsylvania and Wisconsin to vote for a Republican candidate for the first time in over 25 years.

Trump has blamed these deals for the demise of the U.S. manufacturing industry. His stance on the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) and the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) certainly gave him an edge against Clinton.

Ms. Clinton said she was against TPP too, but before announcing her presidential bid she deemed the agreement a “gold standard.” What’s more, her husband signed off NAFTA, so it was hard for her to come out against it.
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