These Comey Notes About the Meetings with Trump Speak Volumes


Ex-FBI Director James Comey is expected to testify before Congress Thursday, but a 7-page document comprising of a prepared statement and the notes he took after his every one-on-one meeting with the president speak volumes about Trump’s character.

Comey’s Awkward Meetings with Trump

According to the document, Comey tried to warn the president about the compromising dossier the Russians had on him, on Jan 6., when the two had their first private encounter. Comey said that he informed Trump personally on the dossier to prevent “potential embarrassment.” In that meeting, the former FBI chief assured Trump that his bureau was not investigating him.

Three weeks later, Comey was invited to the White House where he had dinner only with Trump even though he had expected a larger attendance. Comey recalled that Trump asked if he loved his job and whether he wanted to keep his position or not.

Trump reminded him that “lots of people” were after his job, and said that he would understand if Comey wanted to step down due to the “abuse” he suffered during the 2016 presidential campaign. When Comey replied that he plans to keep his job, Trump told him: I need loyalty, I expect loyalty.’

Comey Refuses to Pledge Loyalty

At that moment, the lawman understood that the private dinner was an setting to make him beg for his job and create a “patronage relationship” with the president. Comey wrote in his notes that the situation concerned him “greatly” since the law enforcement agency he was leading was supposed to remain independent of the executive branch.

When Trump demanded loyalty, an “awkward silence” followed, as Comey refused to move or speak. Then, the president reportedly praised him for his job at the FBI and for the “great things” he had heard about him from Jeff Sessions, Jim Mattis, and “many others.” Trump insisted once more that he needed loyalty. Comey did not pledge loyalty but told the president he would always get honesty from him. Three months later the FBI chief was fired.
Image Source: Wikimedia