These Legendary Women Turn Against Ivanka for Being “Complicit”

First Daughter Ivanka Trump

President Trump’s eldest daughter Ivanka just released a book about successful women for women – Women Who Work: Rewriting the Rules for Success – which received scathing reviews from her potential female readership.

But the hardest blow was when even the legendary women she quoted in her book lashed out at her for being complicit to her dad’s agenda.

President Trump is best known as a misogynistic businessman and a climate change denier with complete disregard for the environment. In other words, he represents everything those successful women have fought against, and Ivanka is “complicit.”

One of the women the First Daughter quoted in her book was anthropologist Jane Goodall, a lifelong environmentalist who once said: “What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make.”

Ivanka thought that quote might inspire other women, but Goodall had a strong reaction to the use of it. She wished Ivanka to take the “full import of [her] words to heart.” Goodall warned that the president’s daughter could do much good, but she can also cause “terrible harm.”

Ivanka’s Idols Unhappy with Her Dad’s Policies

The anthropologist is upset the Trump administration put at risk clean air and water, national monuments, and wildlife nationwide. Goodall urged Ivanka to make a difference and use her influence at the White House to help protect the planet for future generations.

Ironically, Ivanka quoted many women that are either critical of her dad or supportive of his rival Hillary Clinton, the Washington Post noted.

Also, the president’s favorite daughter used a quote from Reshma Saujani, the chief executive of a nonprofit which advocates for women’s empowerment in the tech industry. Ivanka praised Saujani in her book for noticing the gender pay gap in the tech industry and “setting out to do something about it.”

Saujini reacted on Twitter by asking Ivanka not to use her story in the book as long as she continues to be complicit to her dad’s policies.
Image Source: Wikimedia