This Arizona Republican Has Gone Nuts! Wants To End Compulsory Education

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Rep. Paul Mosley who represents the Lake Havasu City in the Arizona House of Representatives recently made a series of hateful remarks about the necessity (or lack thereof) of compulsory education.

Rep. Mosley told the Arizona Capitol Times that America used to see education as a privilege. So, people worked hard to get it, and only the privileged got it.

Now we basically force it down everybody’s throats,

the lawmaker said.

He also said that his current top priority is to undo the Arizona laws that force kids into school for so many years. This is because he thinks parents should be responsible for their children’s education, not the government.

The Republican noted that kids who don’t want to be in school should no longer be a “larger distraction” to the kids that want to be there. The lawmaker’s arguments are at least shocking as more than 90% of kids would rather be outdoors playing ball or doing anything else than studying boring stuff like algebra, literature, and history.

Parents Should Educate Kids

But Mosley argued that parents are more qualified to decide on their children’s education than state or federal “bureaucrats.” He added that nowadays states “put fences around the schools” and offer free meals – one or two of them a day when schools should not be tasked with feeding children.

What happened to the personal responsibility of a parent to feed and educate their kids?,

the legislator asked.

Nevertheless, Mosley agrees that a “good quality education” is essential for the upbringing of future generations. So, he is also an advocate for competition in education and thinks there should be more charter schools and private schools, while American parents should focus more on homeschooling.

At a federal level, the Education Department hasn’t opposed compulsory schooling, but the department’s chief Betsy DeVos once called the nation’s publicly-funded education system a “dead end.”
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Source: Arizona Central