GOP Senator Thinks People With ‘Pre-Existing Conditions’ Should Be Treated Like Bad Drivers

Sen. Ron Johnson of Wisconsin

Senator Ron Johnson of Wisconsin thinks people living with a pre-existing condition such as cancer patients or diabetes sufferers should pay larger premiums because they’re just like bad drivers that crashed their cars and their insurance rate, for that reason, gets higher.

The GOP’s Total Disregard for People with Pre-existing Conditions

Last week, the GOP unveiled the Senate version of its healthcare overhaul plan – the “Better Care Reconciliation Act of 2017.” The new plan maintains some provisions from the House bill such as allowing kids to remain on their parents’ plan until they’re 26 years old, but it also includes provisions that make healthcare less affordable.

For instance, the final version cuts federal funding to the Medicaid expansion and discriminates against patients with pre-existing conditions like Alzheimer’s disease, tuberculosis, AIDS, arteriosclerosis, diabetes, chronic hepatitis, obesity, pregnancy, and cancer.

Making healthcare unaffordable to these patients would mean a death sentence for many of them. Sen. Johnson adds even more fuel to the fire showing how insensitive the GOP can be on these issues.

Johnson tried to justify his colleagues’ actions in an interview with Chuck Todd on “Meet the Press.” But he made things even worse. Todd asked him how the GOP could explain the departure of many insurance companies from Obamacare because of a shortage of federal cash when the GOP hadn’t had a single hearing on the proposed plan.

Johnson Likens Having a Pre-existing Condition to Reckless Driving

The Senator replied that it was not the GOP that first hated Obamacare, it was Bill Clinton. Johnson also complained that premiums for America’s “forgotten men and women” went up under Obamacare. The “forgotten men” is a phrase coined by FDR and refers to the white working-class individuals, who are put at a disadvantage by the government’s policies aimed at the blacks and other minorities.

The GOP senator also told Todd that people struggling with a pre-existing condition deserve higher premiums just like a bad driver deserves higher insurance rates.

You can watch the full interview here.