Independence Day Poll: Trump Keeps Sinking His Civility

Independence Day Fireworks

On Independence Day, millions of Americans enjoyed a summer day with family and friends, with few of them being aware of the values and principles represented by the day. Meanwhile, the Republican Party has been inching closer to abandoning those values by not holding Trump accountable for his numerous flubs since taking office.

The Poll

For instance, Trump has an ongoing feud with the press. He recently blasted two journalists with the harshest words he could find. He is also allergic to dissent and calls unflattering pieces of news “fake news.” Plus, his voter fraud panel worries many Americans as it could suppress their votes for whatever reason.

A recent Marist poll shows that most Americans want things to change. Seventy percent of respondents said that the level of civility in Washington politics both on the Hill and in the White House has sunk to new lows since President Trump was elected.

Republicans Side with Trump on These Issues

What’s more, 42 percent of Republicans think that the press has gone too far and its freedom has been expanded too much. In other words, there is too much freedom of speech protected by the First Amendment, in Republicans’ opinion.

Also, 41 percent of Republicans think that the freedom to protest authorities has gone too far. And by the way, that freedom is also protected by the First Amendment. A small portion of the GOP voter base (25%) thinks that voting rights have been expanded too much, which paved the way to voter fraud.

Findings by Fox News were also included in the new poll. According to Fox, 37 percent of Americans trust Trump, while only 30 percent trust the media. Fox News cheered at the findings even though they’re missing the big picture: 63 percent of Americans don’t trust the Commander in Chief.
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