Watch: The Wild World of Trump and the Homage His Followers Must Pledge

Trump's first full cabinet meeting

During his first full cabinet meeting, President Trump bragged about passing more legislation in his first 143 days than any U.S. leader since FDR. After his opening remarks, the meeting turned into a weird cultish praise circle.

We thank you for the opportunity and blessing to serve your agenda,

White House chief of staff, Reince Priebus at one point, told the president.

Reporters in Shock

Priebus flattery moment was followed by more, turning the entire meeting into a “scene from the third world,” as one CNBC reporter put it, where their Cabinet officials praise state leaders.

No doubt the President is demanding his cabinet members to pledge their allegiance to Trump.

Trump, indeed signed a plethora of executive orders including the infamous travel ban which is now stalled in the nation’s courts. However, the president seems to forget that he failed to pass legislation in Congress. The GOPs health care overhaul is still blocked in the Senate, while we haven’t heard a word from his tax reform. Moreover, Mexico hasn’t paid yet for the border wall, and no funding was directed to the project.

You can watch the meeting here: