Republican Resigns From Trump’s Voter Fraud Panel Because of ‘Repugnant’ Request

Map of Maryland

Following a tidal wave of states that refused to comply with a request to hand over voter records to Trump’s voter fraud panel aka the “election integrity” commission, Maryland’s deputy secretary of state Luis E. Borunda stepped down from the panel because of the ‘repugnant’ request.

Maryland Refuses to Disclose Sensitive Voter Info

The Republican is the first member of the panel to resign. He joined the commission on June 21st even though in his home state, the Secretary of State office is not in charge of administering the voting processes or registering voters, like in other states.

Those tasks belong to the State Board of Elections and the Attorney General. Maryland also refused to comply with Trump’s request to submit sensitive information on its voters to the White House. That information included names, home addresses, the last four digits of Social Security numbers, and party affiliation.

Maryland Democrat AG Brian Frosh slammed the request as “repugnant” Monday.

I find this request repugnant; appears designed only 2 intimidate voters and 2 indulge the President’s fantasy that he won the popular vote,

Frosh tweeted.

He added that the voter fraud commission had been created only to reinforce the voter fraud story, which the AG doesn’t consider to be true. Frosh reminded Trump that even if he cooperated with his special panel, he would be barred by the state law to disclose private information on voters.

The Commission’s Response

In return, the vote integrity commission slammed the 44 states that refused to hand over the information. Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach (R) who is leading the panel said he was shocked by Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe’s refusal. Kobach reminded McAuliffe (D) that his state recently offered a plea deal to a man who registered several dead people as voters.

McAuliffe replied he does not plan to honor the request as his state “conducts fair, honest and democratic elections.”
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