Epic Fail: White House-Made GIF Bashing Obama is Painfully Inaccurate

44th U.S. president Barack Obama

Earlier this week, the White House posted on Twitter a home-baked GIF that accuses former President Obama of at least two things he didn’t do: First Obama didn’t commit $3 billion of American tax dollars to a U.N. via a slush fund.

GIF Riddled with Inaccuracies

Second, the so-called “slush fund” is the Green Climate Fund that Trump often mentions as the “Green Fund.” This is where the White House GIF spreads another inaccuracy – that the fund was created by the Paris climate agreement.

In reality, the United Nations agreed to create the Green Climate Fund in 2010 in the wake of a Climate Summit in Mexico. The fund’s primary mission is to help poorer countries offset the negative impact of the global warming imported from wealthier nations on their economies and communities.

Another inaccuracy in the GIF is the fact that the previous administration committed billions to the GCF. Trump’s predecessor never committed the $3 billion to the fund, he only pledged the money. In the end, only $1 billion were directed to the fund.

Congress Knew About the Fund

What’s more, it is not true that Obama never asked for Congress’ approval. He got Capitol Hill’s tacit approval when the GOP-led Congress agreed to include discretionary spending to the U.N. fund in the 2016 budget plan.

On June 1, Trump himself falsely stated that the fund was “included” in the Paris climate accord from which he just withdrew America. He accused other developed countries of not having spent anything on the fund, with many not “paying a dime”.

In that statement, Trump was furious that the fund would force the U.S. to pay “tens of billions of dollars,” much of the money being taken by the Obama administration from the country’s budget for the fight against terrorism.
Image Source: Wikimedia