Tom Price Flip-Flops On Affordable Health Care Again – Might Need Treatment For Whiplash

Tom Price

After he recalls probably comparing the Affordable Care Act to a “vile liberal agenda” at CPAC 2010, ousted Health Secretary Tom Price has continued to do a 180º turn on the subject.

In a new Axe Files interview with David Axelrod, Price said, after he tried and failed to kill Obamacare:

“Nobody wants individuals not to have coverage. We want everybody to have coverage.”

Notice he didn’t mention, “affordable” in the context of “everybody.”

Price admitted that Obamacare improved health access for people who had no options before it passed.

Price still maintains that there are better ways to offer “affordable, accessible” health care that offers “the highest quality and choices for patients.” In spite of the fact that neither he nor any Republican were able to come up with a better system before determining that they must kill it dead, putting millions of lives at risk in the process.

Price says he sincerely believed (back then) that the ACA would harm the American health care when he conveniently vilified it at the 2010 CPAC for cheap applause.

Price’s tune about the ACA is interesting because it’s shifted so enormously. He’s even been ousted over a scandal of using taxpayer funds to charter private government airplanes.

Was Price really ousted by Trump because of this scandal, or because he failed to kill Obamacare as part of Trump’s readily apparent quest to kill Obama’s legacy in every way possible? The latter is more likely.

We need only look at EPA administrator, Scott Pruitt, to know that scandals of using taxpayer monies by themselves are not necessarily grounds for dismissal in the Trump administration.

It’s also interesting that Price would make these comments to David Axelrod since he served as Obama’s senior adviser when the ACA miraculously passed despite intense Republican opposition.

In the end, it seems Price has begrudgingly acknowledged some merit in the ACA, although he still refuses to acknowledge that Trump has done everything he can to sabotage it. He told Axelrod that he thought it was “an illogical conclusion” that Trump’s drastic cuts to advertising and the enrollment period for the ACA would affect enrollment rates.

Logic and common sense do not seem to operate on the same plane when you are Tom Price… Or Donald Trump for that matter.

In early May 2018, Tom Price did another 180º change in tune when he told the World Health Care Conference in Washington that removing the individual mandate requirement of the ACA through Trump’s tax plan would:

“…Drive up the costs for other folks within the market.”

Just last summer, Price said requiring people to sign up for health care or face a penalty:

“…Is one of those things that is actually driving up the cost for the American people in terms of coverage.”

So, the exact opposite of where he stands now…

Tom Price is going to need to check if his insurance covers whiplash.

Hear the podcast interview with David Axelrod below:

Watch Tom Price discuss how much he, until recently, hated Obamacare with the fury of 1,000 burning suns below:

Featured image: Screenshots via YouTube.



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