Top Democrat Schiff to FBI Director James Comey: Release Russian Info ASAP Or Else


The House Intelligence Committee’s top Democrat, Rep. Adam Schiff accused FBI Director James Comey of withholding critical information.

Schiff wants a subpoena to probe into the FBI’s knowledge of Russian interference in the election. Schiff alleges the House Intelligence Committee knows less than fraction of what has been dug up. Schiff needs Comey’s full participation.

“At this point, the director was not willing to do that,” said Schiff.

Schiff said, Comey faced “repeated questions about the scope of any investigation they were doing” and “individuals that may be the subject of any counterterrorism investigation.”

The director declined to answer leading others to wonder if he’s making the decision on his own or if it’s in conjunction with the Department of Justice.

Source: Rep. Schiff accuses Comey of withholding information on Russia probe