Top Trump Camp Donor Likely Secret Puppeteer of BREXIT Campaign

British and E.U. Flags

Trump’s top donor on the campaign trail and billionaire data analytics entrepreneur Robert Mercer is currently under investigation for his ties with two pro-leave campaigns which spurred the British referendum to leave the E.U., also known as the Brexit.

Mercer Had Business Ties with Trump, Russia

Investigators also found Mercer was the one to recommend Trump to hire Kellyanne Conway, Steve Bannon, and other top communications aides. The businessman’s company Renaissance Technology co-owns a data mining firm called VEON with a Alfa Group, which is a company owned by a Russian businessman connected to Trump.

British newspaper The Observer reported that Mercer is being investigated for breaking British campaign finance laws when he sponsored the Brexit campaign last year.

The billionaire was likely a secret mastermind behind to pro-leave campaigns that encouraged the Brits to leave the union. British laws bars two separate campaigns to collaborate. In the U.K., voters falsely thought the two campaigns were run separately while having a mutual hatred toward each other.

The Two Rival Campaigns Were Secretly Working Together

One expert noted Vote Leave and Leave. EU hated one another “on the surface.” Their leaders, Boris Johnson and Nigel Farage, declined to have a common platform even though they pursued the same goal.

The Observer, quoting a “concerned source,” published a document containing intellectual property issues that connected the dots between the two campaigns and Mercer. The British newspaper claims its investigative effort took three months after a source suggested the analytics firms powering the two campaigns, the U.S.-based Cambridge Analytica and the Canada-based AggregateIQ, were, in fact, sharing a database.

The Observer found that the firm that owns Cambridge Analytica, SCL Elections, struck an “exclusive” and “worldwide” intellectual property agreement with AggregateIQ. SCL Elections founded Cambridge Analytica with Mercer.
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