Trump’s Trade War With China Directly Benefits Russia While US Farmers Suffer


As American farmers continue to suffer because of President Donald Trump’s trade war with China, it turns out that Russia is benefiting from it.

Earlier this year, Trump slapped China with tariffs in the amount of $50 billion. Apparently, Trump expected that China would capitulate and agree to his demands rather than retaliate. But China did retaliate by slapping tariffs on American goods, with agricultural products such as soybeans being the prime target.

Trump responded by threatening to double the tariff to $100 billion.

Rather than buy soybeans from the United States, China is looking to buy soybeans elsewhere. And that’s bad news for American farmers who were China’s top supplier of soybeans. They also happen to be part of Trump’s core voting base.

So who benefits if not the United States?

The answer is Russia and Russian President Vladimir Putin.

According to Bloomberg:

“Russia sold about 850,000 metric tons of soybeans to China from the start of the 12-month season in July through mid-May, according to Russia’s agriculture agency Rosselkhoznadzor. That’s more than during any season before and compares with about 340,000 tons sold during all of the previous period, Chinese customs data show. China has already canceled several shipments from the U.S. in anticipation of tariffs on the country’s products. While Brazil is expected to take much of that market share, Russia is also benefiting.”

In addition, Russia is benefiting from Trump’s withdrawal from the Iran nuclear deal because American commercial airplane manufacturers such as Boeing are no longer able to pursue a business deal to sell a plane to Iran due to sanctions while Russia is now free to make a deal of their own.

And Russia is not the only nation to benefit from Trump’s disastrous economic and foreign policy decisions. Earlier this week, Trump ordered the Commerce Department to look into lifting a seven-year ban against Chinese telecom ZTE from buying American technology. The order came after China invested $500 million to a Trump project in Indonesia that will personally profit the president.

Lifting the ban on ZTE was also a demand by the Chinese government in negotiations to end the trade war. If the ban is lifted, Iran and North Korea would benefit because both nations could resume buying American technology from ZTE, the very thing that got them banned in the first place.

In short, while nations hostile to the United States such as Iran, North Korea, and Russia are benefiting from Trump’s policies, American farmers are getting shafted. That’s the opposite of “America First.”

Featured Image By The Kremlin Via Wikimedia Commons/CC-By-SA-4.0. 



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