Final Stage: Transgender Policy Looming Closer


It looks like the transgender military ban isn’t going away. The White House is in the “final stage” of writing up guidelines on banning transgendered in the military.

Transgender Policy

The policy could still change, and there is uncertainty about when exactly it will be completed. The Wall Street Journal cited anonymous sources on Wednesday that the White House finished the rules and would issue guidance to the Pentagon on how to handle the situation. The WSJ also reported that the new policy would give Defense Secretary Jim Mattis the authority to kick out any transgender currently serving in the military. What a deplorable act. If both men and women can serve in the military, then what’s the problem? Their sources say Mattis was expected to focus on “deployability” to determine removal. The term means the ability to serve in a war zone, participate in exercises, and live aboard a ship for long periods of time.

Policy Opposition

Anyone in their right mind would oppose such a condemning and discriminatory ban. The outline gives Mattis six months to implement the new policy once it’s completed. The American Military Partner Association (AMPA), a group that represents LGBT military spouses, called the proposal a “vicious assault on transgender service members.”

“Despite the overwhelming bipartisan condemnation of his reckless tweets, President Trump is still pushing forward with his vicious assault on transgender service members,” said Ashley Broadway-Mack, the group’s president. “His foolhardy assertion that transgender service members are not able to deploy is simply not rooted in fact. Transgender service members are just as deployable as any other service member.”

Trump announced the ban in a tweet last month with very little details. How nice that government policies are now being announced in tweets instead of official channels with guidelines and paper signing. The reason why Trump is enacting this policy is to squash a congressional budget fight, and conservative Republicans say they will not have taxpayer money fund sex changes. How funny he forgot to mention his golfing trips to Mar-A-Lago and bankrupting the Secret Service costs billions, even trillions, more than providing gender transitions and hormone therapy.

Source: Politico