Trevor Noah Blasts Media for Claiming Trump Is ‘Considering’ Firing Special Prosecutor Mueller


Trump ‘Considering’ Firing Mueller

Ruddy spilled the beans on Trump’s plan during an interview with PBS’s Judy Woodruff. Or did he? Trevor Noah is popular for taking pot shots at our current President on The Daily Show. On Tuesday night’s episode, he turned his attention to the mainstream media. Noah took issue with the media’s reports that Trump was considering firing Robert Mueller, former FBI director and head of the Russian investigation.

Ruddy Never Talked with Trump about Mueller

Reports were based on Newsmax CEO Chris Ruddy and his interview with PBS NewsHour. It is well known that Ruddy is a friend of Trump and suggested the president is “considering perhaps terminating the special counsel.” NBC News’ Kristen Welker pointed out in a clip that Noah replayed that the decision would be “political suicide” for Trump.

“Look, I know it’s exciting to think about Trump sabotaging his presidency, but this is a rumor–no more, no less,” Noah says, “Why waste energy on speculative crazy when there’s so much actual crazy to focus on?”

Noah also stated that there is more pressing news to report on like House Republicans voting to pass a bill that would change strict regulations on banks after the 2008 crisis.

“Yes, finally, Republicans standing up for the white working class banks.” Watch the full video below.


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