Trevor Noah Mocks Trump’s Demand For A Military Parade


Trevor Noah hilariously weighed in on President Donald Trump’s narcissistic demand for a military parade on Wednesday night.

Last month, Trump told top military brass at the Pentagon that he wants them to plan a grand military parade up Pennsylvania Avenue.

“The marching orders were: I want a parade like the one in France,” a Pentagon official told The Washington Post.

The price tag for such a parade could reach into the millions, and ultimately the taxpayers would foot the bill – a fact not lost on social media users who mocked the president mercilessly all day.

Of course, Daily Show host Trevor Noah chimed in.

America doesn’t need a big parade to convince the world that it has a military,” Noah said. “Trust me, the world knows America has a military. It’s in their countries right now. If you really want a parade, every time there’s a drone strike just fly another drone behind it playing marching music.”

And although Trump is really excited about getting to play with the Army like they’re his GI Joes, luckily, most people are adults,” Noah continued before showing clips of lawmakers and media personalities slamming the idea, including Fox & Friends.

Damn, you know it’s bad when even Fox News thinks it’s a waste of money,” Noah quipped.

Noah pointed out that it’s not just the cost that turns people off on military parades, but the fact that such displays are usually associated with authoritarian regimes such as North Korea, the Soviet Union, and China.

It’s not a military parade alone that makes Trump look like a dictator. Many of the other things he has done such as attacking the press and our institutions, firing former FBI Director James Comey, and accusing Democrats of treason for not clapping for him, “it makes your ‘spidey sense’ start to tingle.”

Noah also played clips of Trump demonstrating his admiration for dictators, so it wasn’t going to be long before Trump demanded a military parade to be more like them.

And then Noah put on a mock awards ceremony for dictators to answer whether or not Trump measures up. Trump ended up winning the award for attacking the media as “fake news,” but he failed to beat his competition in the other categories, leading Noah to console him by saying, “There’s always next year.”

Here’s the video via YouTube.


Featured Image: YouTube screenshot