Trump Is Doing What He Slammed Obama For Saying It’s His ‘First’

President-elect Donald Trump

After complaining numerous times about Obama’s golfing trips and costly getaways, President Trump is officially on his “first vacation” since he took office. He will spend the next 17 days away from the White House “dump” at his private golf club in Palm Beach, Florida.

Trump’s and Obama’s Vacations

The vacation contradicts the president’s previous promise to “rarely” leave the White House since there are so many things to do. His first vacation comes after more than a dozen of golf trips, which are about to surpass Obama’s travel expenses over the last eight years.

According to Judicial Watch, the cost of Obama’s trips and vacations cost the U.S. taxpayers slightly under $100 million. In his first 80 days in office, Trump’s trips to Mar-a-Lago cost $20 million.

Trump’s critics pointed out that over the years, the former businessman often criticized Obama for taking vacations or hitting the links. For instance, on Dec. 19, 2013, he tweeted:

So far, Trump has hit the links 21 times since inauguration, while Obama had played golf just 11 times in his first seven months in office.

Trump’s First Vacation Means the President Admits Defeat on Trumpcare

The Associated Press expects White House to undergo multiple renovations during Trump’s absence. However, the extended vacation is proof the president will likely concede defeat on Trumpcare for the moment.

Trump is going on vacation after telling Congress to skip the recess until they manage to pass the controversial healthcare bill. White House spokeswoman Sarah Huckabee Sanders told reporters Tuesday that her office would keep them informed of the president’s August schedule as new details emerge.
Image Source: Wikimedia