Trump Abandons ‘America First’ To Help Chinese Company That Sold US Tech To Iran And North Korea

Trump America First

President Donald Trump is literally putting Chinese jobs over America’s national security despite his promise to always put “America First.”

Trump is desperately looking for any way to end the trade war he started with China earlier this year, a trade war that has been an economic calamity for farmers – especially farmers who grow soybeans.

But in his desperation to fix his mess, Trump is sacrificing our national security.

ZTE is a Chinese company that makes cell phones. The company employs 70,000 Chinese citizens but has run into some struggles after the company illicitly sold the technology to Iran and North Korea, which are two nations long considered enemies of America.

As a result, the Commerce Department slapped it with a 7-year ban from buying the cell phone parts it needs to make their products.

According to NPR:

ZTE, the world’s fourth-largest maker of cell phones, was found in violation of U.S. rules against selling U.S.-originated technology to certain blacklisted countries. After reaching a more than $1 billion settlement with Commerce as reparation for its Iran and North Korea dealings, ZTE then violated the terms of the agreement by failing to fire some employees and reprimand others who were involved in the illicit technology transfers.

But rather than rightfully punish ZTE, Trump is apparently willing to let their infractions slide in exchange for a partial trade win.

The ban imposed on ZTE by Trump’s own Commerce Department at the direction of Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross would vastly hurt the company.

Trump undermined the ban on Sunday by ordering Ross to get ZTE back in business via Twitter.

Trump then claimed that progress is being made in trade negotiations with China.

Basically, China got nothing more than a slap on the wrist for giving U.S. technology to Iran and North Korea. It’s even more hypocritical when you read Trump’s very next tweet.

If Iran is such a threat to the Middle East, how come Trump is letting ZTE get away with giving the Iranians U.S. technology that could be used against us and our allies?

Shouldn’t “America First” also apply to our national security?

Apparently not. Trump is sacrificing it for soybeans in a trade war he started.

Featured Image: YouTube screenshot.