Trump Admin Is So Desperate For New Staff That Its Hiring Standards Hit The Floor

Feature Image via Gage Skidmore

It’s no secret that things in the White House are chaotic bordering on anarchy. White House Aides are fleeing their jobs and having no luck finding work on the outside – previously unheard of for people with the White House on their resume.

Well, as it turns out, that’s not the only staffing issues in Washington D.C.

The pool of employees from the White House won’t be getting any brighter in the future, either. As it stands, the administration is so desperate for new help that they no longer require professional references, and that’s only the beginning.


This recent break is all part of a broader push to fill desperately needed positions in the White House. And, apparently, the only way to find “qualified” people to fill the jobs is to lower the bar. A lot.

According to the report, under former President Barack Obama:

“[The Obama-Era administration] used a questionnaire with sixty-three queries about employment, finances, writings, and social-media posts.”

The Trump administration dropped the number of those questions by more than half, taking special care to remove questions about:

“…Loans, personal income, and real-estate holdings.”

The administration also took a page right out of the president’s playbook, and new hires are not even asked to show their tax returns.

Administration officials even admitted that they are looking for “workarounds” so that they could bring in officials and enable them to retain their investments without breaking any official laws. A White House lawyer said:

“If you look at them as technical rules that lawyers should be about to ‘get around,’ that gives you a whole different approach. It’s like tweeting after a couple of beers. It’s not going to end well.”


Trumpism has changed D.C. What once used to be a prestigious job, working at the White House is now a job that means almost nothing. People who already worked there are unhirable on the outside, and they can’t find anyone to fill the abundance of empty slots that were left behind.

In the entirety of the government, there are still over half of the 650 most critical positions unfilled.

Max Stier, CEO, and president of the non-partisan group Partnership for Public Service said:

“We’ve never seen vacancies at this scale. Not anything close.”

Indeed, in Trump’s first nine months as president, more than 79,000 full-time workers either quit or retired. That is a 42 percent increase over the same period under Obama. But those close to the president don’t see that as a problem.

Michael Caputo, a senior campaign advisor for Trump, said that the departures are liberating. He called it a “purge of obstructionists, and that:

“The president now has people around him who aren’t trying to subvert him. The more real Trump supporters who pop up in the White House phone book, the better off our nation will be.”

Translation: Trump only wants sycophants and yes-men just like any good dictator. So far, he’s getting exactly what he wants. Even if it means the implosion of the American government and everything we hold dear.

One thing is certain, the White House seems to be hiring, and it doesn’t appear any more difficult to attain a position there than it was when I applied at Walmart a few years back.


Featured Image By Gage Skidmore Via Flickr/CC-By-SA-2.0.



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