DHS Gets Caught! Issues False Report To Intimidate Cities Helping Immigrants

ICE Agents

The Trump administration decided to put on hold the publication of a weekly report containing data on the jurisdictions that refuse to cooperate with federal immigration authorities after multiple reports showed that the administration inaccurately tagged some of them as non-compliant.

ICE’s Initial Report Sparks Confusion

According to the New York Times, the Immigration and Customs Enforcement ‘s (ICE’s) first weekly report included misleading information that sparked confusion among the said jurisdictions.

In January, Trump signed an executive order, demanding a weekly report on the so-called ‘sanctuary’ cities or counties that refuse to cooperate with the ICE on the situation of illegal immigrants that should be deported.

ICE claims that these municipalities’ refusal to cooperate puts at risk law-abiding Americans, while the cities and counties targeted by the weekly reports claim the reports are an effort from the Trump administration to force them to cooperate with the ICE.

An ICE spokesperson confirmed the agency temporarily suspended the reporting to “analyze and refine its reporting methodologies.”

The first report, which was published in March, contained the names of all municipalities and counties that had declined requests from federal immigration authorities. The report also included inaccurate information on some of the jurisdictions.

Several Cities and Counties Said They Were Incorrectly Listed

For instance, the report inaccurately tagged New York City as ‘uncooperative’ even though the city’s Office of Immigrant Affairs collaborates with the ICE. A spokesperson for the city’s OIA said New York had complied with the federal agency’s demands to detain immigrants who committed violent crimes or were considered terrorism suspects. The city refused only to hold people who committed minor crimes or had their charges dropped.

The Federal agency also tagged as noncooperative one of the U.S.’ largest counties – the Nassau County, in New York. The county said they were one of the first jurisdictions to accept ICE warrants. The county’s authorities said the federal agency apologized for mislabeling the county in the first report.

ICE reportedly apologized to another county, Franklin County, for putting it on a list with the ten most noncompliant localities. County officials said they provide reports on illegal immigrants to ICE on a regular basis, while they are also allowing federal authorities to interview inmates.

The Hennepin County, in Minnesota, also demanded an apology from ICE for its report which is “incorrect in many ways.” Hennepin County Sheriff’s Office revealed they had complied with all ICE requests. They also notified federal authorities when two illegal immigrants ICE was seeking were about to get released from jail. Those inmates eventually landed in the ICE custody. The county released time-stamped images of the two inmates being released and escorted by deportation agents to back its claims.

The county underlined that the immigration agency did not issue a correction of the erroneous report nor did it apologize to the county for the mischaracterization.

The weekly reports are part of the administration’s plan to get tough on illegal immigration. Trump has vowed to find, arrest, and deport illegals regardless of their criminal record. He also promised a crackdown on sanctuary cities and the construction of a ‘big, beautiful’ wall along the U.S.-Mexico border.
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