Trump Aide Ordered By Court to Hand Over Secret Policies Caught in Photo by AP Reporter


The Kansas City Star is reporting that the Trump campaign’s former top immigration counsel, Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach met with the then-president-elect in November to discuss a possible position in the new Cabinet. During the White House meeting, an Associated Press reporter caught on camera a document Kobach was holding.

A Mysterious Document

A high-resolution image of the file revealed that the document was a secret immigration plan for one year. From the visible area, one could see several aggressive policies against immigrants, refugees, and foreign visitors.

This week, a federal judge ordered the former Trump aide to hand over the plan in a trial over voting rights.

According to the AP, the document includes extreme vetting of visitors from other countries, a proposal to register visitors coming from high-risk regions, and a proposal to deport all illegal immigrants charged with a crime. The immigration plan also included deportation of the undocumented worker whether there is a conviction or not, a plan to build Trump’s great border wall, and a ban on any refugee coming from Syria.

In Kansas, Kobach was one of the authors of the state’s controversial voter restriction law which demands from voters proof that they are U.S. citizens. The lawsuit’s plaintiffs demanded the immigration plan from Kobach to see if it contains any detail that might be helpful in the suit.

Earlier this week, Judge James O’Hara agreed that the discovery of the file might be relevant to the case, even though a significant part of it has become public through the AP reporter’s photo. Nevertheless, Kobach won’t be forced to hand the file over to the plaintiff unless the court rules that it is necessary to the case.

Korbach Shrouded in Controversy

The secret immigration plan may further fuel the controversy surrounding Korbach who has been known as an extremist who doesn’t shy away from discriminating people in his home state. According to the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), he has also been known as a fervent defender of the nativist movement for over a decade.

According to a separate report, in 2015 he agreed to deliver a speech for the Social Contract Press, a Michigan-based anti-immigrant and nationalist group the SPLC has identified as a hate group.

Other sources claim that Kobach gave Trump the idea of a Muslim registry. The idea first surfaced in Nov. 2015 when Trump told NBC that he “would certainly implement” a computerized system that would track Muslims residing in the country.

At the time, Trump said that America should not only have databases for Muslims. It should have a “lot of systems.” He added that Muslims would be forced to sign the registry. A few days later, he tweeted that it wasn’t him who suggested a record; it was a reporter. Trump explained that America needs surveillance and a “watch list” to fight terrorism.

Earlier this year, his efforts to fight Islamic extremists translated into two nationwide travel bans on entries from seven, then six, predominantly Muslim countries, both of which were shot down in court. Kobach’s plan could include other extreme measures the new administration may be secretly brewing.

Image Source: BBC