Watch: Trump Complains Congress Follows ‘Archaic Rules’ Could Move To Consolidate Power

Donald Trump in 2013

In a recent interview, Trump suggested the “archaic rules” that govern the U.S. Congress should undergo a complete makeover. The Commander in Chief blamed most of these rules for the poor decisions he and his administration have so far made.

In an op-ed for the Washington Post, the billionaire reminded the American people that 100 days ago, he had made a pledge to transfer political power from Washington to the people. He added that he had kept that promise and more as his administration is giving Americans their country back piece by piece.

The White House released a video celebrating Trump’s first 100 days in office. But when a Fox News anchor asked him what he learned during those days, the president made some remarks that suggest he is on the way of consolidating his power.

‘Archaic Rules’ a Nuisance Now that the GOP Is in Charge

He was upset about the rules of Congress for hampering the decision process within his administration. The billionaire should be reminded that those rules, which he called “archaic” at least twice in the interview, were set in place to ensure that the country’s chief executive doesn’t turn into a dictator with a rubber stamp Congress at his disposal.

However, many of the rules that he is complaining about were the work of his own party. Countless Republicans abused the sitting filibuster to push for their party’s agenda. The cloture filibuster which doesn’t require the Senate to debate a particular issue for hours on end was made especially popular under Obama administration by Republican lawmakers.

Now that the GOP is in charge, Trump wants to scrap the filibuster. In other words, Trump plans to silence opposition by eliminating the rules that work against him. If Trump gets his way, America will morph into a Republican nation with a Congress that approves the president’s every decision, which is bad for democracy.
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