Trump Asks One Thing of Americans During Afghanistan Address


Trump is asking a lot of Americans in his statement. Trump reportedly asks that Americans trust him when he addresses the nation tonight on his plans for Afghanistan.

Trump’s Ridiculous Request

No one in their right mind would ever trust this lying sack of dung unless they’re a supporter. Trump has done nothing to prove we can trust him. He’s like a boyfriend (or girlfriend for those guys out there) who keeps saying they aren’t going to cheat anymore but there they go right back into their ways. Yeah, we’re really going to trust them. The White House announced Sunday that the president would address the nation Monday night “on the path forward for America’s engagement in Afghanistan and South Asia.” South Asia…you couldn’t just say North Korea? Well, we all know that’s what you’re referring to.

Before the presidential election, Trump criticized the U.S.’ involvement in the War on Terror. Mr. Benedict Trump is likely to announce he will be sending more troops into Afghanistan. The war is over Trump, Obama was pulling out troops you’re doing it wrong. Trump is expected to add 4,000 troops to the already deployed 8,400 overseas. Defense Secretary James Mattis told reporters on Sunday that Trump had made a decision on Afghanistan during his flight to Jordan.

“I am very comfortable that the strategic process was sufficiently rigorous and did not go in with a pre-set position,” Mattis said.

Turncoat Trump Agreed With Obama In Past

Before becoming president, back in 2013 Trump agreed with Obama on his stance on the war.

So he does know how to agree with Obama on something? That’s a surprise. But not really since Trump loves to go back on everything he says. We’ll find out more after the address.

Source: The Hill



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