Trump Attacks Chuck Todd For Criticizing North Korea Negotiations


Not long after Meet The Press host Chuck Todd questioned President Donald Trump’s negotiations with North Korea, Trump lashed out at him on Twitter.

During an appearance on The TODAY Show, Todd rightfully asked what the United States has gotten from North Korea. After all, even though Kim Jong Un recently ended nuclear testing, that only really means they have nuclear weapons capability.

North Korea, on the other hand, is getting a prestigious face-to-face meeting with an American president without having to complete any pre-conditions such as surrendering all of their nuclear weapons.

Basically, North Korea is getting the recognition they want on the world stage without having to give up anything for it.

“[Kim Jong Un] seems to be giving very little but making it seem like he’s giving a lot.

“There’s not many pre-conditions the United States is asking for. So far in this potential summit, North Koreans have gotten a lot out of it. What has the United States gotten yet? We don’t have a release of any of those Americans that they held captive, we don’t have a pledge of denuclearization as the ultimate goal. There’s a lot of things they are not promising that is raising some red flags.”

Here’s the video via TODAY.

Trump must have been watching because he soon threw a Twitter tantrum.

When former President Barack Obama negotiated a deal with Iran, he scored a major victory by getting Iran to surrender their nuclear program and allow inspectors inside their country to confirm that Iran is complying with the deal. So far, Iran has honored the deal. But Trump is obsessed with killing it even though it’s working.

But North Korea already has nuclear weapons, so merely suspending testing isn’t enough. By giving North Korea a meeting they desperately wanted, Trump gave them legitimacy.

He gave them something big for nothing in return. That doesn’t bode well.

The only acceptable deal is if North Korea surrenders all of their nuclear weapons and allows inspectors inside their country to make sure they are complying. Anything less would be a complete disaster. And it looks like that’s where these negotiations are heading since Trump cares more about his ego than he does about preparing for the upcoming summit.

Featured Image: TODAY screenshot.