Trump Attacks Obama in Fresh Twitter Outburst

President-elect Donald Trump

On Wednesday, president-elect Donald Trump attacked President Barack Obama on Twitter over his “inflammatory” remarks.  Trump also criticized Obama for the many “roadblocks” he set in his path to the Oval Office. In one tweet, the business magnate said he had hoped for a smooth transition ending the sentence with a “NOT.”

However, the billionaire’s comments are at odds with his own transition team’s statements. The next press secretary, Sean Spicer, once said Obama administration officials have been “very helpful and generous.” The spokesperson added the outgoing president and his successor were poised to keep in touch until Inauguration Day.

And after the Election Day, Obama said his top priority was to ensure a smooth transition since if Trump succeeded the nation succeeded. Trump himself publicly said he would lean on Obama for a smooth transition.

This week, Trump failed to be more specific on the remarks he considered “inflammatory”. He blasted, however, the outgoing administration on the way it has treated Israel.

Obama’s Criticism of Trump

Still, Obama did voice some criticism directed at Trump over the past weeks. On Tuesday, while some Japanese officials were visiting Pearl Harbor, the President didn’t stop short from criticizing Trump. Obama told his guests that president-elect touted racial hatred on the campaign trail.

Obama added that even when hatred is at its peak and tribalism is flourishing, we must refrain from “demoniz[ing]” people for being different. Moreover, earlier this week, Obama said in an interview that he would have defeated the real estate tycoon if he could have run for a third term.

He thinks Hillary Clinton lost because she was too sure she would win due to the polls. This is why, she failed to be more specific on how Democrats helped the working class, which led to her downfall. Obama also lashed out at the media for accusing Clinton of a “double standard.”

He thinks the bare thought that the Democratic party has abandoned the working class is absurd. He mentioned Obamacare as a Democratic measure that benefits a large part of Trump’s voter base, such as those in Kentucky and Virginia. In the interview, Obama suggested that he would have communicated with the working class more than Clinton did and would have won the election.

Trump’s Latest Twitter Salvo

In response, Trump took to Twitter to vent his anger. On Monday, he tweeted ‘no way’ Obama should have won against him since so many jobs left, ISIS proliferated and Obamacare turned into a disaster during his tenure. Trump added that his soon-to-be predecessor did campaign hard in battleground states and his party still lost. The billionaire thinks voters in those states would rather make America great again.

On Wednesday, Trump refreshed his Twitter attacks on Obama, lashing at him for his inaction towards a U.N. resolution to deem Israeli settlements in the West Bank illegal. Trump noted that the U.S. and Israel used to be “great friends” but now the U.S. allows everyone to treat his ally with disdain and disrespect. He slammed Obama for the Iran deal and his unwillingness to veto the U.N. resolution.

Stay strong Israel, January 20th is fast approaching!,

Trump tweeted.
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