Trump Has Unspeakable Solution to Terrorism

U.S. Army General John J. Pershing

In the wake of the terrorist attack in Barcelona, Spain, which resulted in 13 deaths and injuring 80 others, President Trump suggested that killing all Muslims suspected of terrorism would keep countries free of such incidents for decades to come.

Trump’s Pershing-Inspired Solution to Terrorism

In a first tweet, Trump condemned the attack and offered to help the Spanish people in these hard times. “We love you,” the president told the people of Spain.


However, an hour later, he came up with a radical solution to Islamic extremism. He cited General Pershing who reportedly killed all terrorism suspects on the spot, which kept the U.S. free of terrorism for 35 years.


Trump apparently is very fond of the U.S. general. In February 2016, he told his supporters a semi-fictional story about the U.S. Officer during the Spanish-American War (1899-1902). According to that story, he gunned down Muslim terrorists with bullets dipped in pig’s blood.

At the rally, Trump said Pershing captured 50 Muslims who killed a lot of people and executed them using bullets dipped in pig’s blood. One terrorist was allowed to go back to his country and tell the story, though.

And for 25 years, there wasn’t a problem. Okay? Twenty-five years, there wasn’t a problem,

Trump told supporters.

A Hoax Story

This story, though, has been debunked as an Internet hoax perpetrated through email chains. Snopes noted that bullets dipped in pig’s blood, which is considered impure by Muslims, is an idea taken from a 1939 movie. What’s more, Pershing never mass-murdered suspected terrorists, as there weren’t any during his time.

Surprisingly, Trump took the time to condemn the terrorist attack in Barcelona but failed to condemn the Neo-Nazis behind the Charlottesville attack on Saturday. Trump decided to place the blame for the death of a woman on the “many sides” involved in the violence.
Image Source: Wikimedia