Trump Tried To Build A Tower in Moscow

New York Trump tower

Some records which the Trump Organization lawyers are reportedly reviewing have revealed the president’s plans to build one of his Trump Towers in Moscow, Russia. The problem is that his company was trying to obtain this deal while he was in the middle of the presidential campaign. It appears that an estate developer, who was born in Russia, was involved. The man urged the president to travel to the Russian capital and to discuss this deal. Moreover, Felix Sater, the developer, reportedly told the president that he might convince Russian president Vladimir Putin to praise him.

The President’s Plan to Build a Trump Tower in Moscow

Some people who know about the situation revealed that back in 2015, Sater knew two things. The first was that Donald Trump was going to become the POTUS. The second was that Moscow’s architecture was going to be embellished by a Trump Tower. How did he know this?According to reports, Sater lived in Russia until the age of 6. After that, he emigrated and lived the rest of his life in Brooklyn. It’s worth noting that this plan never saw the light of day.

In the end, Trump never traveled to Moscow to discuss it because it was too risky and he didn’t have the permits to do so. So, by the end of January last year, the project was dead and gone. However, the controversy remains. Why was the president looking to develop commercial ties with Russia? And why was he doing it while also running for president?

This plan could also point towards other connections between Trump’s team and the Russians. Moreover, two meetings between Jeff Sessions and Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak have already been uncovered. In June last year, Donald Trump Jr. along with Jared Kushner met with Paul Manafort, his campaign manager, and a lawyer from Russia. The purpose of that meeting was the lawyer’s ability to damage Hillary Clinton’s reputation and get Trump to become president.

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