Trump Goes Two-Face And Does This During Phoenix Rally

Presidential candidate Donald Trump and Arizona supporters

During this Tuesday’s Phoenix rally, Trump spent more time blasting the media than discussing any other subject. The mainstream media seemingly has morphed into an obsession with him.

Trump Lashes Out at the ‘Very Dishonest Media’

On Tuesday, Trump said the “very dishonest media” makes up stories about him and his administration. He noted that there are no actual sources in those news stories, and when they used the phrase “sources say,” they are probably making things up.

It is not the first time that Trump picks on the media’s unnamed sources. However, he didn’t produce any evidence to back his claims up. What’s more, sometimes he used unnamed sources himself.

On Tuesday, Trump blasted the New York Times, calling it a “failing” newspaper. The president also thinks the Washington Post is a “lobbying tool for Amazon.” He called CNN a “pathetic” news channel with sinking ratings. Also, he called ABC News’ George Stephanopoulos “little George.”

The President is wrong on CNN”s ratings as they are hitting a record high. As for unnamed sources? Well, no one would want to be named in fear of people coming after you and threatening your life.

Media Taking Trump’s Words Out of Context

Trump also complained that these news outlets did not report that he said racism is evil and they are taking his words out of context.

“Now they only choose, you know, like a half a sentence here or there and then they just go on this long rampage,”

The President said.

He noted that all day long, CNN writes negative stories about him and how bad of a person he is, but with no evidence. So, it is no wonder their ratings are going down. Trump decried “poor” Jeffrey Lord for being fired by CNN. Lord, on the other hand, lost his job after he tweeted a Nazi salute to a Media Matters editor.

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