Prima Donna: Trump Makes A Ridiculous Claim About Obama

Donald Trump and Barack Obama

For the first time since taking office, the President visited Camp David. However, it was hard for him to relax at the presidential retreat as his Tweety-senses started tingling to take to Twitter and explain why his approval rating is so low.

Trump Thinks His Approval Rating Is 50%

After boasting that his agenda is on the right track and that nearly all his major campaign promises were honored, he cited a shady poll to suggest that other national polls are biased against him, and that his real approval rating is higher than former President Barack Obama.

Firstly, hardly any of his campaign promises have been honored. Obamacare is still in place (thankfully for those Americans that rely on it), we have yet to hear about a tax reform, and his administration is still scrambling to find funding for his ‘big, beautiful border wall’. Also, terrorism is still a big issue, and his travel ban has now stalled in the nation’s courts.

However, the most bizarre tweet is the one suggesting that according to an “accurate” poll, his real approval rating stands at 50% which is higher than Obama’s.

Trump Cites Biased Poll

It is worth noting that Rasmussen is not seen as a reliable poll within liberal circles. His tweet also makes it sound like his approval rating is higher than the Baltimore Orioles, rather than Barack Obama’s. The survey has been blatantly biased towards conservatives and Republicans repeatedly. The poll has a single advantage: pollsters adjust their findings at the end of campaigns to match other national polls. So, the move only boosts the poll’s averages, but it is still considered a biased survey.

According to a website that tracks, compares, and scores the honesty of U.S. national polls, Rasmussen is rated as a C+. This may be because while most experts view human pollsters as more reliable, Rasmussen uses automated phone calls to question respondents.

Image Source: Wikimedia