Trump Complains and Throws A Temper Tantrum On Twitter

President Trump and the King of Jordan Abdullah II

In a recent Twitter outburst, president Trump complained about the Democratic “obstructionists” in Congress that refuse to confirm his diplomatic picks. On Monday morning, the Commander-in-Chief accused Democrats of ‘taking forever’ to approve his ambassadors.

Trump Points the Finger at Democrats

However, Trump’s attacks are baseless for at least two reasons. First, Democrats cannot be obstructionists as the Republican party can confirm ambassadors by a fifty-one vote, and the GOP is now holding 52 seats in the U.S. Senate.

Second, Trump has not picked any nominees for confirmation for quite some time. There are currently more than 500 key positions that need an approval. Of these, just 39 were confirmed, with 78 still waiting for confirmation. The rest of posts do not even have any nominees at all.

Furthermore, the GOP can decide when hearings are being held since they are controlling the Senate calendar. So, why would this issue be Democrats’ fault?

Trump Administration Largely at Fault

Also, the vacancies Trump is complaining about were created by the Trump administration during various purges of the administration from Obama loyalists. Trump fired dozens of U.S. attorneys and ambassadors that might hinder his policies. This happened even to officials that were unaffiliated with party politics.

Trump fired the FBI chief James Comey and has so far failed to come with a viable replacement. On top of that, candidates have refused to take his job offers to serve the government or the military. The two main reasons Trump’s offers have been met with a wall of opposition is that people don’t want their careers to be affected by being associated with his presidency or they refuse to pledge loyalty. as Trump demanded.

And there may be other grounds behind Trump’s inability to assemble his administration, but Democrats are not one of them.
Image Source: White House

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