Trump Calls Roseanne To Congratulate Her On Her New Show

Roseanne Barr

President Trump called Roseanne Barr to congratulate her on the opening of a new installment of “Roseanne,” a popular show in the 1990s. The report says that the ratings caught the president’s attention:

“The series’ return on Tuesday drew 18.4 million viewers, more than doubling ABC’s internal estimates. It was the highest rating among adults age 18-49 for any comedy since CBS’ ‘The Big Bang Theory’ season opener in 2014.”

What probably caught the president’s attention the most were heavy ratings drawn in by a Trump supporter, and some note that the call has a much more self-serving impact.

This is a constant feature of the White House: The president makes times for things he wishes to.

This was highlighted in February 2017 interview with Kellyanne Conway, Counselor to the President. Conway was asked why the president had not yet addressed terrorist attacks in Quebec and responded that “he doesn’t tweet about everything.”

This led to a rousing round of jabs from late-night comedians.

Barr has not been politically shy since the president took office, either. Recently, in an interview with Jimmy Kimmel, Barr suggested that if Kimmel didn’t want Mike Pence to be president, he should ease up on criticizing President Trump.

To be clear, the president is accused, most seriously of conspiracy against the United States, to which multiple former aides of his have already confessed. To suggest that, if President Trump is found guilty of these allegations, Americans should keep him because they also don’t like Pence is wrong. We don’t allow traitors to run the country.

According to the Axios report, the new Roseanne is slotted for nine more episodes, covering a variety of issues:

“The first episode involved sparring over strains after the election, but the rest of the run isn’t about politics. Topics include the opioid crisis, guns in the home, and medical-care problems faced by blue collar families.”

Featured Image by Stand-Up Sucks, LLC Via Wikimedia Commons/GFDL CC-By-SA.