Trump Makes A Ridiculous Statement About Democrats, Shows How Big of A Fool He Is

Donald Trump pointing with his finger

On Monday night, United States president Donald Trump took to his favorite means of communication, Twitter. He posted a series of messages in which he is making the prediction that the Democrats will undoubtedly follow the Republican way, even if they now rejected the healthcare bill. According to him, they will realize what is best for the country when ObamaCare will begin making problems and failing altogether. In another tweet, the president talked about the House Freedom Caucus. He made a reference about how the group’s role in the blocking of the Republican health care bill. Last Friday, the bill which was meant to repeal and replace ObamaCare failed to pass the vote on the House floor. The Republicans did not manage to gather majority on time and many people blamed Freedom Caucus for this.

Democrats might change their mind

On Monday, White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer said that the president was not joking when he said that he is willing to work with the Democrats. During his daily briefing, Spicer revealed that since Friday, after the bill failed to pass, president Trump has been receiving lots of calls. Those calls were not only from fellow Republicans or other people that have been working on the bill but from Democrats as well. Some of them said that they would like to work together to create a healthcare bill which will not only pass the vote but which will be the best ever made. Spicer said that those people offered their ideas and said that they would help unconditionally, in the benefit of the American people.

Apart from this, Spicer continued by criticizing the Democrats. The main reason for this was that they reportedly avoided any negotiation whatsoever, before the Friday vote. He stated that those Democrats who are now saying that they were not consulted on the bill, did not want anything to do with it in the first place.

A shocking defeat

The defeat of the Republicans’ health care bill which was meant to repeal and replace ObamaCare was rather shocking for them. Before the vote, Trump even warned the voters that they would lose their jobs if the bill did not pass. The members of Freedom Caucus were some of the fiercest opponents of the bill, convincing a number of Republicans to not vote for it. Also, before Friday’s conclusion, they asked for some changes in the bill. Those changes were intended to make the costs for the healthcare premiums lower.

On Sunday, Donald Trump posted a Twitter message in which he was mocking the Democrats. He was saying that they are the ones finally smiling in Washington after Freedom Caucus took good care of them and made everything possible to save ObamaCare. It now remains to be seen what Donald Trump’s next move is going to be, especially after such a strong defeat.

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