Trump Dismisses CIA Report on Russia’s Election Involvement

Donald Trump smiling

In a recent interview with Fox News anchor Chris Wallace, president-elect Donald Trump dismissed CIA’s report on Russian involvement in the U.S. election as ‘ridiculous.’ The real estate billionaire added that the findings are ‘just another excuse’ for his political opponents to undermine his victory.

Trump explained Democrats are resorting to these tactics because they suffered one of the most humiliating defeats “in the history of politics.”

I think it’s ridiculous. I don’t believe it,

he told Wallace Sunday.

Trump on The Post’s Report

Two months ago, more than one dozen U.S. intelligence agencies, CIA included, said Russia’s hacking attempts undermined the public’s confidence in the country’s voting system. The agencies were referring to the hacks targeting the DNC’s servers and Clinton’s campaign chairman John Podesta’s Gmail account.

In both instances, U.S. officials including the White House said Russia had probably been behind the cyber-attacks. Late last week, Washington Post noted the CIA made it ‘quite clear’ that Russians sponsored the hacks. The Post suggested Russia wanted Trump for president.

On Sunday, Trump replied to the accusations saying that there is ‘great confusion’ over the topic. And no one really knows what happened. He explained that one needs to catch hackers in the act to prove they did it. In addition, he suggested other actors may be behind the attack including China or “somebody sitting in a bed.”

On Nov. 8, Trump secured a crushing victory over Clinton winning 306 electoral votes. The Democratic candidate, however, won the popular vote with over 2.6 million votes. Thousands of Clinton supporters took to the nation’s streets to protest election results claiming their candidate is the real winner.

Even some Republicans joined the chorus over the weekend. Senators Lindsey Graham and John McCain believe CIA’s report should sound the alarm for every American. On Sunday, McCain said on CBS the facts were there.

Trump, however, continues to stun his opponents with his growing skepticism over the nation’s intelligence community. Recently, the billionaire admitted he doesn’t need to read all the daily intelligence briefings because they say the same thing all over again.

PEOTUS’ Other Controversial Claims

He made a case by saying that even Obama is likely too busy to sift through the briefings on a daily basis. In addition, he said the people who brief him on these important issues are professionals so if “something should change” they should just immediately call him.

I’m available on one minute’s notice,

Trump said.

He also said he doesn’t have to listen to the same briefings, which bring nothing new, every day for the incoming eight years. Nonetheless, two years ago, he blasted Obama for having the same habit.

In this Sunday’s interview, the president-elect also expressed his disagreement with the $4.2bn- price tag Boeing has set for the incoming Air Force One aircrafts. He slammed people who help these companies get contracts with the federal government. Because they secure themselves important positions in these companies after they leave public office.

When Wallace brought the Carrier deal up, Trump confirmed his administration would penalize U.S. companies that move U.S. jobs overseas, manufacture their products abroad and try to sell those products to the American public. He added that that is not how the free market works. While he acknowledged he is for free trade himself he said trade should be fair.
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