Twitter Doesn’t Buy ‘Fake News’: Trump Dismisses Reports White House Is Engulfed in Chaos

White House North lawn

On Wednesday afternoon, President Trump dismissed reports that the White House is engulfed in chaos and that he spends all the time watching TV coverage, just to post some angry tweets moments later.

White House ‘Functioning Perfectly.’

Trump tweeted that the White House is ‘functioning perfectly’ and that he is totally handling the recent scandals and the country, and – why not – the world too. Here’s his tweet:

His critics noted that his anger-laden tweets show otherwise: he might be too busy to govern the country as he is now focused on what the media is saying about his eldest son Donald Trump Jr’s meeting with a Russian lawyer last summer and an email chain that suggests Don Jr. colluded with Russia to aid his campaign.

The Washington Post found that the White House “has been thrust into chaos” after the recent revelations that Don Jr. met with the Russian lawyer to dig up dirt on Hillary Clinton. In the e-mail exchange published by Don Jr. on Twitter, the lawyer was described as someone with deep ties to the Russian government.

Top White House officials told the Post that the president is now “fuming against” his adversaries, while his associates “circle one another with suspicion.” The newspaper noted that the president has been staying away from the public view since he returned from his second trip overseas after taking office.

Sources said he is “enraged” that the Russia story is still plaguing his presidency, and now he’s also “exasperated” that Don Jr. was caught up in the scandal. Don Jr. admitted that he met with the Russian lawyer on the campaign trail, and even tweeted the e-mails preparing the meeting to make us believe him.

Twitter’s Reaction

In the light of recent developments, Twitter is in disbelief that the White House can ‘function perfectly’ in such conditions, and the backlash to Trump’s latest tweet was immediate:

Image Source: Wikimedia