Poll: Divided We Fall Thanks To Trump…As Well As His Ratings

President Donald TRump

According to a new Quinnipiac University poll, more Americans believe that Trump is dividing the country than uniting it. 62% of Americans believe the President’s actions so far divided the country, while 31% think his actions are bringing the American people together.

Trump’s Approval Rating Dipping

Pollsters noted that this is the worst score on this question since taking office. However, this is not all. On nearly every other question, Trump received a negative score. His job approval rating currently stands at 35%.

Nearly 60% of Americans believe his behavior has encouraged the white supremacists and Neo-Nazis nationwide. 65% of respondents believe the level of prejudice has skyrocketed in recent months. 62% of Americans think Trump’s response to the Charlottesville tragedy was weak.

Plus, regardless of Trump’s argument that “both sides” were to blame for the violent riots in Virginia, 64% of respondent think that white supremacy is a risk to the nation’s national security.

Americans Doubting Trump’s Leadership Skills

Other questions were about the President’s morality. More than 60% of Americans think Trump is not equipped with moral leadership. 61% no longer believe he’s an honest person and doubts his leadership skills.

57% doesn’t think the president cares about the average voter. 59% view him as a strong person, with 55% viewing him as an intelligent leader. Around 63% don’t think the current president shares their values.

What’s more, 69% of respondents think the President should quit Twitter, but 55% are not pleased with the negative coverage of him by the mainstream media. 62% of Americans, however, don’t like how Trump talks to reporters, and more Americans trust the press more when it comes to government matters than they trust Trump.
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