Temper Tantrum: Trump Downplays Unflattering Approval Rating Numbers

Donald Trump in Saudi Arabia

President Trump took to Twitter to dismiss a poll that tracked Americans’ sentiment about his performance over the last six months. That poll found that Trump has the lowest job approval rating of any U.S. president, with just 36% of Americans approving of his job.

Job Approval Numbers ‘Not Bad.’

The president describes the poll numbers as “not bad,” and blasted the Fake New media for picking on his eldest son Don Jr. over a secret meeting with a Russian Attorney with deep connections to the Kremlin.

The new poll shows that his approval rating slipped six percentage points since his 100th day in office. In the meantime, Trump broke several campaign promises, criticized his own country on the global stage, and irked world leaders. Trump, however, doesn’t seem bothered one bit by the abysmal job approval numbers. To put things into context, Obama’s job approval rating for the same period sat at 59%.

Trump Blames Fake News Media

Recent White House scandals such as that around Don Jr. likely dragged poll numbers down. However, Trump believes that the mainstream media invented those numbers to undermine his presidency.

In a second tweet, he complained that “the fake news media” didn’t bat an eye when his former rival Hillary Clinton got debate questions in advance and deleted thousands of classified emails, “[…] but my son Don is being scorned by the Fake News Media.”

Poll numbers, however, sank because of a controversial healthcare overhaul bill Trump promised to support, poor foreign relationships, and an uncomfortably cozy relationship with Russia. Less than a quarter of respondents would want Obamacare gone, while more than half don’t trust their president when it comes to Vladimir Putin.

Image Source: Flickr