Trump to All the Ladies in the White House: You Should ‘Dress Like Women’

Trump and Megyn Kelly

Trump and Megyn KellySources say President Donald Trump recently laid out a dress code for all White House female employees and the rule that stands out the most is his explicit requirement for them to “dress like women.”

The beauty pageant owner seems to still place a high value on the physical appearance of the women he is surrounded by. According to the dress code, he would rather see his female employees wear dresses, but jeans are not prohibited. However, if they do like to wear jeans, their appearance must be “neat and orderly.”

Experts noted the billionaire has a fixation with his and other people’s look. And oftentimes he mocked females he finds unattractive on their appearance. Last year, he made fun of his fellow Republican Carly Fiorina’s face.

Look at that face. Would anyone vote for that? Can you imagine that, the face of our next president?!,

Trump said about Fiorina in the primaries.

In a later interview, he said he wasn’t talking about her face literally but her personality. What’s more, he called longtime foe Rosie O’Donnell a “fat pig” and didn’t feel sorry about it even when his Democratic rival Hillary Clinton pointed it out during a presidential debate.

Another woman he often insulted is former Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly. Trump called her a “bimbo” after she asked him some tough questions at the first Republican debate. After the encounter, Trump said about Kelly that she probably drafted the questions when blood was “coming out of her wherever.”

He has often been harsh on women especially during his stage interactions with pageant contestants. Twenty years ago, he bashed a Miss Universe pageant winner for gaining weight. He called her “Miss Piggy” before he referred to her as “Miss Housekeeping” for being Hispanic. The episode was dug up by Clinton’s campaign staffers last fall and brought up during a presidential debate,  which made Trump furious.

He even called Clinton a “nasty woman” after she pledged to raise taxes on the rich. So, it is no wonder he would rather see his female employees wear dresses now.

However, men are not safe either. The new dress codes requires from male staffers to wear a tie. One person familiar with the matter, said the president prefers a Trump tie, but men can sink as low as to a Brooks Brothers tie. Yet the source said she would recommend an Armani to those who want to play safe.

Trump also wants from his male employees to be sharply dressed. “You need to have a certain look,” another person familiar with the matter said. Trump advises men to wear “solid colors”, have a “well-groomed hair,” a “good stature,” and look physically fit.

White House press secretary Sean Spicer was reportedly scolded for wearing a loose suit when he talked about the new president’s inauguration crowd size. Yet after that incident, Spicer addressed the issue.

Sources say that the only man who is allowed to wear whatever he likes is Chief strategist Steve Bannon. “Steve is Steve. He’s cavalier almost about what he wears,” insiders said. Bannon is famous for his ungroomed looks.

Meanwhile, Trump’s new dress code sparked a huge backlash from women on the social media:



Image Source: timedotcom